As we approach the end of 2015, we’d like to share exciting news about the Lymphedema Life Impact Scale (LLIS).

Developer Jan Weiss has worked diligently to establish what change in a patient’s LLIS scores is actually statistically significant. The psychometrics are as follows: MCID (minimal clinically important difference) is 7.31 and MDC95 (minimal detectable change) is 11.53. This means that if your patient scores more than 7 points better from their pre- to post-treatment LLIS scores, there has been clinically-significant improvement.

Jan has also been working on revisions to the LLIS. Version 2 is currently in the process of being validated. It will have very helpful changes that add clarity and application. This update will not be available until the validation process is complete. Validation will go faster if more therapists contribute data to the project. If you can commit to sharing anonymous patient data, please contact Jan Weiss at For all Version 1 users, we will email you Version 2 as soon as it is available.

Details about the validation process for Version 1 and the establishment of the psychometrics will be published in the March 2016 issue of Lymphology, a quarterly publication of the International Society of Lymphology. For information about subscribing to the journal or reading abstracts or back issues, click HERE.

We hope the LLIS is proving beneficial for your documentation. A special thanks goes out to those of you who have contributed data to Jan to assist with the ongoing development of this valuable tool.

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