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Cover Art_Kellie_150In this instructional video, Vicki Ralph, MPPA, OTR/L, CLT-LANA demonstrates Self-MLD techniques while providing clear verbal instruction. Vicki has been involved for nearly a decade in educating patients with lymphedema on ways to self-manage the swelling related to their condition. Self-MLD can help decrease pain and improve their range of motion, mobility, and activities of daily living.

Vicki shows the MLD sequences for the left upper extremity, right upper extremity, left lower extremity, and right lower extremity. An onscreen menu lets patients go directly to the sequence that is appropriate for their needs.

NOTE: If you previously learned Self-MLD from a therapist, the sequences taught in this DVD may differ from what you learned, but will be equally or even more effective. There are several variations of MLD that are practiced in the United States, but the basic premise is the same, so results should be similar.

Sequence Summaries for Download

If you have have already purchased the Self-MLD DVD, you can download a pdf (below) of a summary of the MLD sequence appropriate for your needs. These summaries are to be used only as a supplement to Klose Training’s Self-MLD video. They are not detailed enough to provide complete instructions for each of the sequences. These summaries are to be used only as a quick reference guide after the sequences have been thoroughly learned by watching the Self-MLD video.

All Self-MLD Sequences