The course was an amazing challenge. I am beyond pleased. One of the best courses and class environments I’ve had. My classmates also definitely made the experience as we all got along extremely well. I would highly recommend it to others. You are providing truly profound knowledge and I can only hope to make you and the Klose training standard of care proud through the work I hope to offer.”
Taneca M., PTA, BCTMB, CLT

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, for creating full color binders, top of the line website, and a full duffle bag of tools for practice. There are no words to describe your level of dedication, only actions that proved it!
Shannon L., PTA

Fantastic course, probably the most difficult and intensive course in my 21 years of practice, but I feel extremely well prepared to use the skills I have learned. I hope to be able to take this information to turn our program into a Center of Excellence for the treatment of Lymphedema. – Kim K., OT

This has been by far the best class I have ever attended for CEUs. It is thorough in giving the foundation of knowledge for practicing as a CLT. The materials are high quality and the class gives ample opportunity to practice the practical skills. The resource materials available to graduates are amazing! It was a privilege to learn from Guenter Klose, a master in his craft! – Laura S., OT

I am extremely grateful for Klose Training to have equipped me with the skills necessary to be an amazing CLT. I learned so much and I am excited to go back to my employment to provide the skills I learned to the Veterans I serve.
Kendra V., OT

I am coming to the end of the second week of treating patients daily and am blown away by the results! My first two patients are both BLE patients, both over 84 years of age. Beyond the obvious reduction in limb volume and body weight, what impresses me most is the delight my patients are expressing.

One is a Parkinsons patient who has not been able to walk up and down stairs for several years because of the weight of his legs. He is now leaving the home using a walker and able to ascend and descend 4 steps from his front porch to the driveway… and he is still in the bandages! He is particularly delighted that his feet are once again ticklish: his feet had been so edematous that he had lost that sensation. It cracks me up that he is enjoying that feeling. We are waiting for his ReadyWraps to be delivered next week, then he intends to start going to restaurants and family gatherings.

The other patient remarked today that she has not seen her ankles in about twenty years. She is very excited about how good her legs are feeling and looks forward to when she gets garments. Her goal is to return to Bible studies and a sewing club.

I am so appreciative for the teaching you provided to me. I feel confident that this last phase of my career will be dictated by my status as a CLT. It is so satisfying to me to be able to participate in such enormous impacts on the lives of my patients.” – Deb G., PT, CLT

Not only did it help me assess my patients better, for better outcomes, but I feel very confident in my treatment approach… I feel prepared to treat patients of all severities and backgrounds.” – PT, CLT

With the lymphedema patient, you see the progress, to be able to reduce them, to see how excited they got to have function back, range of motion back, so it’s pretty neat… very rewarding.” – PT, CLT

This was the best quality training I found. It was worth every penny. I’m excited to start treating new patients and making a huge impact on people’s lives.” – PT

The best training I have ever attended. The trainer and the structure and flow of the course made learning a large quantity of information enjoyable and manageable. I would recommend Klose to anyone wanting to become a Certified Lymphedema Therapist. Thank you!” – OT