The Földi Clinic, a renowned Specialist Clinic for Lymphology and European Center for Lymphology, has resumed offering its 4-week intensive decongestive treatment program for qualified patients from the United States and Canada.

• Duration: 4 weeks
• Cost: $15,000 USD

What’s Included:
• Medical Examinations: Performed by experienced physicians (Expert Lymphologists)
• Daily Decongestive Treatments: Administered by specially trained lymphedema therapists
• Specialty Wound Care: Provided if necessary
• Psychological Counselling: Included as needed
• Accommodation and Meals: Included for the duration of the stay
• Airport Transfers: To and from Zurich or Frankfurt airport

Patient Testimonial:
“The experience and results were outstanding!! I look forward to returning in the near future.”

For more information, please visit or contact Tobias Bertsch at

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