Lymphedema Certification and Online Education

Workshop D

Ingrid Adams
Ingrid Adams
Sr. Clinical Education Manager – medi

Compression for LE Lobular Lymphedema
with the CircAid Reduction Kit

Massive localized lymphedema (MLL) is seen in conjunction with morbid obesity. Mobility is limited and self-care management is extremely challenging. This workshop will report on the prevalence of MLL and morbid obesity in the United States and unfold the etiology and physiology that cause this form of lymphedema. MLL can be very difficult to treat but this workshop will provide tools for managing the lobules typically associated with MLL. It will introduce a new compression technique to address lower-extremity lobular lymphedema and demonstrate how to use the Circaid Reduction Kit and Circaid’s newest accessory – used in conjunction with the upper-leg Reduction Kit piece – to support and reduce thigh lobules.



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