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Lymphedema Certification and Online Education

Tracey Podolsky, MPT, CLT-LANA

Tracey Podolsky
Tracey Podolsky received her Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from Quinnipiac University in 2001. She then completed her lymphedema certification through Klose Norton Training and Consulting in 2001, became LANA-Certified in 2004, and completed an advanced lymphedema training workshop at the Foeldi Clinic in 2016. During her stay in Germany, she was able to visit the BSN-Medical Jobst Plant in Emmerich.

Tracey founded Wyatt Rehabilitation, a private physical therapy practice in Oakhurst, New Jersey, specializing in treating lymphedema and other swelling disorders. Her private practice is dedicated to delivering pure complete decongestive therapy (CDT) modalities to patients with lymphedema, lipedema, venous edema, and wounds.

In 2014, Tracey co-founded Peapod Purse, a lymphedema non-profit organization that annually sponsors a Lymphedema Awareness Event to raise garment funds for patients without insurance coverage.

In 2017, Tracey discussed effective lymphedema treatment on The Cancer Support Network of W4CS Radio which also hosts one of the largest research and resource directories for cancer in the world on its website.

Tracey’s passion is to view patients through a functional medicine approach, addressing their foundational health and wellness. She integrates lifestyle changes to optimize patients’ health and wellness throughout the intensive and self-care management phases of CDT. She educates patients on natural solutions to promote optimal health physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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