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Joachim Aust, MD, CLT

Dr. Aust

Dr. Aust ran a private practice for almost 30 years as a General Practitioner specializing in diabetes care, diabetic skin, and neuropathic (diabetic) feet. He began his teaching career while still studying at the Medical Department of Freiburg University in Germany and continued teaching at nursing and esthetic schools in Europe. Dr. Aust has also been in high demand as a keynote speaker at esthetic conferences in North America.

From 2003 on, Dr. Aust has served as the Medical Director of the North American School of Podology in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where he is responsible for the medical content of the curriculum. His passion for feet and skin is evident in his classes on advanced dermatology, as well as skin care and foot care.

During his presentation at the Klose Lymphedema Conference, Dr. Aust will emphasize that neglecting proper skin care is detrimental to a patient’s health and can potentially have fatal consequences, especially if there are preexisting conditions like diabetes mellitus, vessel disease, or lymphedema. In addition, costly medical treatment often can be avoided with preventive skin care.

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