Temporary Suspension of LANA Qualification

To reduce the potential for exposure to COVID-19, Klose Training is suspending its traditional 135-hour lymphedema certification (45 hrs online + 90 hrs live) and instead, offering two 135-hour course options: (a) a mixed-format course (75 hours online + 60 hours live) or (b) an innovative online-only course. Both course formats include the same material that is covered in the traditional format. In either course format, your manual skills will be evaluated by the instructor.

Our traditional 135-hour course qualified graduates to sit for the certification exam offered by the Lymphology Association of North America (LANA). We support LANA’s efforts to establish standards for the profession. However, LANA certification is neither a requirement for practicing lymphedema therapy nor a guarantee of the quality of a therapist’s work. The exam can only test factual knowledge. Effective therapy depends principally on the integrity and skills of the individual therapist and the support of their healthcare facility to ensure that treatment is provided at sufficient frequency to ensure efficacy.

The new course formats we are offering during these unprecedented times do not qualify our graduates to sit for the LANA exam. For details about eligibility, visit clt-lana.org. LANA regrets that they are currently unable to offer flexibility but promise to explore, though not guarantee, the possibility of offering retroactive qualification to those therapists who are trained in less traditional formats during the pandemic. A final determination is not expected until early 2021.

Klose Training will not compromise its integrity nor quality education; we will continue to ensure that we provide the education necessary to practice lymphedema therapy effectively and safely. For questions about Klose Training’s Lymphedema Certification courses, visit klosetraining.com, or call 303-245-0333.

Guenter Klose, MLD/CDT Certified Instructor

Executive Director Klose Training

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